A strategic alliance for the development of ideas, initiatives, and activities to strengthen Indonesia’s civil society organizations; established within the framework of capacity building for each alliance member in an effort to foster mutual strength and gather resources as well as broader participation of all stakeholders.

Cooperation ties in the alliance are developed as “loose ties”, in which each party has the freedom to achieve their own goals, yet still bounded collectively by a long term vision, that is: a strong, empowered and sustainable civil society in Indonesia.


Strong, empowered and sustainable civil society in Indonesia


  1. To strengthen institutional capacity and management of Indonesian civil society organizations;
  2. To encourage the discovery of new relevant scopes for the position and role of Indonesian civil society organizations;
  3. To promote alliances and dynamic collaborations between Indonesian civil society organizations.


  • Respect for diversity;
  • Equal opportunity for all;
  • Continuous learning;
  • Impartial in alliances and collaborations;
  • Management of the smallest scale and unit;
  • Relentless innovation and development;
  • Sustainable growth


  • Develop strategic and supporting working units;
  • Develop innovative programs and services;
  • Establish multi-stakeholder work collaborations;
  • Expand networks, links, and local partners;
  • Mobilize resources and manage knowledge;
  • Promote organizational growth and sustainability.


  • Seminars, workshops, and trainings;
  • Open forums and literacy;
  • Review, research, and publication;
  • Facilitation, mediation, and administration;
  • Consulting and mentoring;
  • Innovative investment and implementation.