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HIVOS ROSEA: NGO Financial Management Index and Finance Officers Network

HIVOS ROSEA Contract number: RO SEA 1002991 dated 22 August 2011. Total budget: EUR 10,000 Program period: from 1 August 2011 until 31 July 2012. Description As a continuation of the previous program, HIVOS ROSEA continued to provide support for capacity building of [...]

HIVOS ROSEA: Technical Assistance for Internal Audit and Financial Management in Koperasi Masyarakat Rawagede

HIVOS ROSEA Contract number: QL 106S01 dated 19 May 2010 Total budget: EUR 11,945 Program period: from 15 June 2010 until 20 November 2012. Description KOMARA (Koperasi Masyarakat Rawagede/Rawagede Community Cooperative) in Balongsari Village, Karawang District is the executor of the micro credit [...]

HIVOS ROSEA: Nurturing Transparency and Accountability amongst Civil Society Organizations

HIVOS ROSEA Contract number: RO SEA 1003664 dated 15 November 2011. Total budget: EUR 3,500 Program period: from 14 November 2011 until 17 January 2012. Description Financial management units are still not placed equivalent to other working units. Many organizations in their practice [...]

HIVOS ROSEA: CSR Mapping and LGBT Organization Assistance in Indonesia

HIVOS ROSEA Contract number: RO SEA 1005108 dated 4 September 2012. Total budget: EUR 32,487 Program period: from 2 September 2012 until 31 August 2013. Description This program is actually composed of two main sub activities, which are action research mapping on CSR [...]

ICCO and Kerk In Actie: Capacity Building Indonesia Partners

ICCO and Kerk In Actie Contract number: 76-03-03-022 dated 4 July 2011, with amendment Number 12_035206 Total budget EUR 55,000 Program period: from 1 July 2011 until 30 June 2012 which was later extended based on amendment number 12_035206 dated 11 July 2012 until 31 December 2012. [...]

USAID – CEPAT: Capacity Building to Strengthen the Financial Management Systems and Capabilities of a USAID-Funded CEPAT NGO Partner

USAID CEPAT Contract number: AID-497-0-13-00081 Total budget: USD 22,045 Program period: from 15 July 2013 until 31 January 2014. Description USAID CEPAT is a program funded by USAID for five years starting in 2012, carried out through the direct support of several Indonesian [...]

AusAID – HCPI: Financial Management Capacity Building for HCPI Partners

AusAID-HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia (HCPI) Total budget: IDR 59,790,000. Program period: from September 2012 until December 2013. Description This program is designed in collaboration with HCPI to increase capacity of HCPI Partners’ financial management with a technical purpose such as the development of Partners’ [...]