Subcontract No.AID-497-C-15-00001-Penabulu
Total budget: USD 275,346,-
Periode program: 10 May 2015 – 9 May 2016


CSO-Health Provider Partnership in HIV-AIDS Prevention Program (collaboration with TRG, PACT and Circle Indonesia is conducted to support the implementation of Layanan Komprehensif Berkelanjutan (LKB) dan Strategic Use of Antiretroviral (SUFA) at district / city level through cooperation with the CSO and its network of health care providers related to HIV-AIDS through DERAP Project. The activities include outreach and mentoring is oriented to increasing the coverage of voluntary HIV testing, promote healthy behavior through the use of tools to prevent HIV transmission consistently (condoms and lubricant, and / or syringes); accessing screening services and treatment for STIs on a regular basis; early access to ARV treatment; increase medication adherence, viral load testing access, as well as the examination and treatment of opportunistic infections. DERAP has two main objectives, i.e:

  1. Strengthening the organization’s capacity and technical empowerment of stakeholders at the district / city to close the access and expand coverage of HIV and AIDS services continuously for key populations.
  2. Provide limited grant funding for CSOs to strengthen comprehensive HIV prevention services, treatment and support, as well as antiretroviral treatment for FSW, IDU, MSM and Transgender, and LBT.

Assisting Partner

Assisting partners involved in this program is spread out in DKI Jakarta, Papua, Papua Barat.


This program is supported by USAID – DERAP based Subcontract No.AID-497-C-15-00001-Penabulu dated July 16, 2015, with total funding support of USD 275,346,-.