Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI)
Period program: December 2018 – February 2019


Cooperation Program between Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) and Penabulu aims to develop a system and policy in the management and operation of the institution that will be written in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document which are expected to be implemented and increase efficiency and effectiveness and support an adequate internal control system in The Yayasan Conservation Indonesia.

To achieve these goals, activities in this program consists of several parts:

  • Review key documents provided by Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia, KSI, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Consult with Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia, KSI, and other relevant stakeholders to understand what policies and procedures are already in place and identify the gaps to be filled.
  • Lead the development of standard operating procedures required to enable Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia to operate effectively and receive funds from domestic and international funding sources, including the Indonesian government. These include policies and procedures for accounting and financial management, procurement, personnel, travel, property/asset management and any other required documentation.
  • Write draft and final standard operating procedures, incorporating feedback from KSI, Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide induction and/or training to Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia staff to enable effective implementation of these standard operating procedures.
  • Provide ongoing support to Yayasan The Conversation Indonesia staff during the early stages of implementing the standard operating procedures.


This program is supported by Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), with total funding support of IDR 125.000.000.