Contract number: RO SEA 1003664 dated 15 November 2011.
Total budget: EUR 3,500
Program period: from 14 November 2011 until 17 January 2012.


Financial management units are still not placed equivalent to other working units. Many organizations in their practice still place financial management units as supporting units, with a main duty as cashiers and donor reporting alone. On the other hand, organization leaders mostly have not understood the main aspects of organizational financial management. Considering this situation, while bringing together the context for transparency and accountability that are becoming more prominent, thus together with HIVOS ROSEA a workshop is organized, titled “Repositioning Financial Management in Responding to Demands Transparency and Accountability of Civil Society Organizations in Indonesia” in two sets, 7 December 2011 and 10 January 2012.

The workshop was designed to respond to several main issues, namely: the demand for transparency and accountability by the public and donors is increasing, “disproportionate” perspectives on the role of financial units caused financial units to be positioned on a minimum technical role and the lack of understanding of financial aspects at the leadership level of organizations.

Whereas the primary material presented in this one-day workshop is on demands of transparancy and accountability in financial management of NGOs in Indonesia, the strategic role of financial management, and aspects of financial management that need to be understood by non-profit organization leaders in Indonesia.

Workshop Participants

Workshop on 7 December 2011: Imparsial, Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA), the Center for Gender and Sexuality FISIP UI, Satu Dunia Foundation, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, National Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Alliance (ANBTI), Field Indonesia Foundation, KSU Jatirogo, Fahmina Institute, SAPA Institute, Institute for Business and Economic Democracy Foundation (IBEKA), Rahima Association, Telapak Society, Kapal Perempuan, and the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO).

Workshop on January 10, 2011: Air Putih Foundation, Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), AIKON, PEKKA, LESMAN Society, Interseksi Foundation, Indonesia Organic Alliance (AOI), Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (Elsam), the People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty (KRKP), Teater Satu, Jurnal Perempuan Foundation, Ciputat Lab Theater, Ruang Rupa, Union of Journalists for Diversity (SEJUK), Common Room Networks Foundation.


Support for the program comes from HIVOS ROSEA with contract number RO SEA 1003664 dated 15 November 2011 with total funding of EUR 3,500 for a period from 14 November 2011 until 17 January 2012.