WWF Indonesia
Agreement for Independent Expert
IDR 36.750.000
Period program: November 2016 – Januari 2017


The purpose of the activity is to develop schemes and mechanisms for the management of Green Village grants integrated with rural development governance as mandated by the Act Village 6 Year 2014. Scheme and grant management mechanism of Green Village is expected to be recognized and adopted by the Regional Government at district and provincial levels.

Stages of Literature Study aims to conduct a gap analysis / gap between the model program governance and financial grants as mandated by the Village Act compared to the implementation needs of the distribution scheme of the carbon benefits which based on performance (REDD +). A gap analysis will illustrate the readiness status of the target villages in the program in receiving and managing grants program and the Green Village as well as identifying gaps for policy support and capacity management of grant funds.

Readiness assessment and identification of gaps in policy and program management capacity of the target villages will be made primarily on aspects of reviews as follows:

  • Aspects of planning, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of emissions reduction program (REDD+) at village level,
  • Aspects of budgeting, distribution, management and financial reporting of grants emission reduction program (REDD+) at village level,
  • Aspects of sustainability and benefit sharing of emission reduction program (REDD+) at village level.


This Program is supported by WWF Indonesia, with grand total of budget of IDR 36.750.000.