No. 051/SEPTEMBER 2015/HCPI/CO1 IDZ 1.40
Total budget: IDR 174,740,000,-
Period program: 20 September 2015 – 30 November 2015


On this program, Penabulu got the assignment to build the capacity of four institutions that cooperate with HCPI (HIV Cooperation Program for Indonesia). This assignment aims to:

  1. Exploring the potential and opportunities of the organization in cooperation with the Corporation as well as designing the “product” of organizations that can be marketed.
  2. Designing a marketing strategy of the organization, for programs and capacity / expertise, as well as marketing media, both in electronic and printed form in accordance with the “market” that will be targeted.

The fourth of organizations that will be assisted are:

  1. Galatea Foundation, Medan
  2. Grapiks Foundation, Bandung
  3. Bambu Nusantara Foundation, Madiun
  4. Sadar Hati Foundation, Malang


This program is supported by HCPI – AusAID based on No. 051/SEPTEMBER 2015/HCPI/CO1 IDZ 1.40 dated September 15, 2015, with total funding support of IDR 174,740,000,-.