PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi
PO No. 3900002501
IDR 440.362.500,-
Period program: 27 December 2017 – 26 March 2018


Penabulu Foundation as partner of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi will be implementing mentoring activity and capacity building for cocoa farmers who works in the working area of PHE NSB through the implementation of “Development Program for Management and Marketing of Business Unit of Excellent Cocoa Cooperative in North Aceh”.

The program is designed to increase the income of cocoa farmers, especially farmers in mentoring areas of PHE NSB. Efforts to improve the welfare of cocoa farmers is done by forming a cocoa farmer cooperative “Excellent Cocoa” which might be expected to have 3 business units that will support each other, include: agricultural services business unit, the business unit of processing and marketing of cocoa, as well as waste processing business unit.

Activities to be carried out in this program include:

  1. Standard training on cocoa beans selection and post-harvest treatment
  2. Mentoring on cooperation process with prospective buyers
  3. Procurement of cocoa processing machinery (deseller machine, cocoa rapeseed breaker, paste maker, flour maker, and sieve)
  4. Technical training om cocoa processing
  5. Mentoring program which among others includes assisting the cooperation process with prospective buyers and supervising the quality of semi-finished cocoa processing.


This program is supported by PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi, with total funding support of IDR 440.362.500,-